Calls for boycott over G4S profiteering from Israeli apartheid


G4S, the controversial British-Danish private security firm, has come under fire for its long-term contracts with the Israeli government, which allows the company to profiteer from the Israeli apartheid, occupation and imprisonment of Palestinian political prisoners. 

Many of these prisoners are held without trial and subjected to torture at interrogation centres. G4S also provides equipment and services for illegal Israeli settlements, including screening equipment at military checkpoints.

According to a report by the Dumbarton Reporter, Socialist Party councillor Jim Bollan has lashed out at the company for its role in Israel’s war crimes.

“G4S Cash Solutions (UK) Ltd which is part of the wider G4S group who are directly involved in sustaining the apartheid system used against the Palestinian people by the Zionist Israeli government.

“G4S are involved in running the police service and the prison service for the Israelis where thousands of innocent Palestinians including hundreds of children are held without trial which is a flagrant breach of international law.”

Mr Bollan has requested that his council boycott G4S and do not renew their contact with the company.

G4S dismissed the concerns, stating:

“These allegations are groundless and based on a fundamental misconception of our business in Israel. We supply and maintain cameras, access systems, and bag screening equipment to some Israeli prisons and crossing points, but G4S does not operate the equipment and nor do any G4S staff come into contact with prisoners.

“We announced two years ago that as these contracts come to an end in 2017, the business does not intend to renew them.”

As the global campaign to boycott Israel continues to increase, pressure also increases on corporations that play a role in the nations criminal treatment of the Palestinian people.

The campaign is proving widely successful. Recent examples include:

Earlier this year in the UK, University unions voted in favour of cancelling their contracts with G4S. Last year ‘Jewish Voice for Peace’ activists in the municipality of Durham County, North Carolina, USA achieved more success with their campaign when the region terminated its contract with the firm.

Also in 2014 the ‘Irish Palestine Solidarity Campaign’ ran a high profile campaign which resulted in G4S missing out on a major contract with the Irish government.


  • GIVVO6_B

    There can be no peace in the Middle East until there is justice for the Palestinians. The very existence of the “Jewish State” is an affront to humanity as this state is situated on stolen Palestinian land that really mostly belongs to Muslims and Christians.
    End racism in the Middle East with one person one vote and let the Palestinians have their land back. It worked in racist apartheid South Africa, so why can’t it work in racist apartheid Israel that is merely stolen Palestine.