Expansion of police privatisation

Credit: Bob Bob / flickr.com/photos/bobaliciouslondon/

(Acclaimed News) In a bid to cut costs, the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) is considering the expansion of private contractors on front-line duties in the Isle of Mann, causing alarm among residents.

However, the DHA are slowly implementing the same strategy across the entire UK with many constabularies currently employing, or planning to employ major security firms to undertake their police work.

Speaking to IOM Today, Unison, which opposes the strategy said:

“Privatisation means the police will be less accountable to the public. And people will no longer be able to go to the Independent Police Complaints Commission if they have a problem. When a critical incident happens, a force’s ability to respond will be severely compromised. The only winners are private companies and shareholders who make profits at the expense of local services”.