Matteo Renzi and the coup d’etat in Italy

Credit: Alex Valli -

(Acclaimed News) After the crisis of 2008, Italy was one of the most affected nations by recession and austerity plans. Moreover some supranational bodies such as the European Central Bank and European Commission exploited the conditions of vulnerability of the Italian State to impose their policies.PE In fact, the last three Italian Prime Ministers (Monti, Letta and Renzi) weren’t elected. They were appointed in their leading position under the pressure and the manipulation by EU officials. Matteo Renzi, the actual Prime Minister, was appointed in his place by a complex and obscure intrigue in 2014. In that time, Italy was facing a very bad moment in terms of economic stagnation and growth of public debt. Immediately, Mario Draghi, Angela Merkel and the former EU president Van Rompuy introduced strong international pressures to remove Enrico Letta and to replace him with Renzi. The appointment of Renzi himself was imposed by the corporate interests of International bankers, The Bilderberg Group and other secret and semi secret organizations.

Some independent researchers called the appointment of Renzi a Masonic coup d’etat. In fact, if we analyse this politician and the shadow men behind him, we can immediately discover his occult connections with World International Freemasonry.   Mr. Renzi and his father Tiziano Renzi are both members of the influential Tuscan Freemasonry. An Italian Grand Master called Giole Magaldi revealed many details about the relationships between the Renzi Family and certain Masonic circles. According to him, Mr. Renzi before being chosen as Prime Minister, had an occult and secretive meeting with Richard Nathan Haas, an ultra senior freemason from the Leviathan Lodge in New York. This meeting had a vital importance for his future rise to power. Moreover Mr. Magaldi said that Renzi has a big ambition to join the Ur-Lodges, which are very powerful international masonic groups with strong connections with Mario Draghi and other famous EU officials. Another controversial aspect is that Richard Nathan Haas is the president of the Council on Foreign Relations, one of the front organizations of the New World Order. Renzi himself became a member of CFR some months after becoming Prime Minister.

Another important part of the Renzi’s golpe is the analysis of the figure of the father, Tiziano Renzi. According to the independent journalist Giovanni Florio, Tiziano Renzi is “the Grand-Master of the Tuscan Freemasonry”. Moreover he has strong ties with other famous masons in Florence such as Denis Verdini and Gustavo Raffi. During the 90’s Tiziano Renzi had a strong role in the creation of an occult corporation called Baldassini-Tognozzi founded and financed by relevant freemasons in Florence. Tiziano had a big influence in the creation of the very quick political career of his son. In fact, Matteo became President of the province of Florence immediately at 28 years old and one of the most popular figures in the Italian Left Wing at 30 years old. It’s evident that the character of Renzi has been created and endorsed by many occult powers in Italy and his astonishing career is more a product of the masonic influence than a consequence of pure political talent.

The links between Renzi and the New World Order aren’t finished. In fact there are other thrilling details. According to the Italian lawyer Alfonso Luigi Marra the personal economic advisor of Renzi is the Zionist economist Itzhak Yoram Gutgeld, the chairman of McKinsey, an occult corporation with big ties with the Rockefeller and Rothschild dynasties. The McKinsey has ever had a crucial role  in proposing toxic investments to Italian investors. The main mission of this company is to introduce a new economy in Italy, where there is the dominance of a finance based on debt and bogus shares in the stock market. Today in 2015 the consequences of the turbo capitalism by Renzi and his masonic friends are evident. Most of the essential state services are going to be privatized such as the National Health Service, the education system and the Italian Mail. The private debt of middle class households reached very high levels and the real unemployment exceeded the 18%. In conclusion, the coup d’etat by Renzi shows that the nations have lost their sovereignty in Europe and the policies are dictated by unelected and anti democratic supranational and masonic groups. The case of Italy is the prototype of an unelected technocracy imposed by the New World Order, which might be introduced in other nations in the future. In fact the European Union is going to be a Continental Superstate, where the European national states are becoming powerless regions.