Official: Scale of UK child abuse is epidemic

Credit: Milliped

(Acclaimed News) The scale of child abuse in Britain reaches far beyond what anyone consuming mainstream news had thought possible – including local authorities, a police report finally confirms.

The confidential police report has revealed that 700 potential victims of sexual exploitation from no less than 17 of Birmingham’s children’s homes have come forward in a period of just three months.

Let me repeat: this figure is from a single region, over a very short period of time. The true scale of child abuse nationwide is not known but is thought to be staggering.

Following hot on the heels of the establishment child abuse ring allegations that have named numerous politicians including Cyril Smith as potential paedophiles, a problem profile from March this year has revealed that 92 locations were targeted by predators ranging from residential properties to hotels and from takeaways to supermarkets. Even a special school featured on the list.

A Freedom of Information request made by the Birmingham Mail to the West Midlands Police resulted in the release of this report, which has uncovered the frightening statistics that no fewer than 372 offenders, some from organised gangs, are currently being investigated.

It states:

“The scale of CSE in the West Midlands is greater than initially identified by local authorities. It is clear that there are CSE victims known to local authorities and other organisations such as Barnado’s that do not appear on West Midlands Police systems.”

A press release, timed to coincide with the release of this report, has been issued from the West Midlands Police in connection with seven local authorities stating that between April and June this year 720 children were identified as being at risk of exploitation, and 115 of those were considered to be at the highest level of risk.

The report also said:

“The most common age group was between 21 and 28 years, with around half of Asian ethnicity, predominantly of Pakistani origin. No significant ethnic group in the region is not represented in this cohort.

“The most vulnerable and frequented CSE locations within the West Midlands are residential dwellings, children’s homes, hotels and parks.

“A number of parks across the West Midlands have been identified, which are typically being used to meet and groom children and are characteristically frequented by young people to drink alcohol and take drugs, mainly cannabis.

“There is national and local evidence which shows that CSE takes place in hotels and guest houses. There are a number of frequented and vulnerable hotels situated across the West Midlands which are used to commit CSE offences. Predominately independent budget hotels are used by offenders; however, a number of hotel chains have also been identified as being used in CSE offending.”

Police and local authorities are now obliged to routinely release data regarding the risk of child sex exploitation thanks to the Birmingham Mail’s ongoing campaign for access to information. The problem profile from March this year is merely the latest such confidential report to be received.

The demographics of victims in this profile show that they do not live in areas that suffer from economic deprivation, high levels of unemployment or crime.

The report has also revealed that most commonly multiple victims are targeted by a group of older men with an average age of 31. Worryingly, national force area offenders cannot always be found on local intelligence systems.


  • Robin Chapman

    Death penalty should be brought back and all of the ones that have decent evidence to prove they have been taking part in this should be executed. extreme? ofcourse but these sick bast**ds deserve nothing less imo.

    P.S I am a people person but there are certain types of people that cannot be helped and are a plague on the Human race.

  • RogerP77

    And who is the man who first exposed this? David Icke, starting in books like “The Biggest Secret” in 1998. And what has he been saying all along? It is WORLDWIDE. Further, he keeps on saying is far more massive than that which has been uncovered so far.