Public trust in the establishment has shattered

Credit: Christian M

(Acclaimed News) Public faith in politicians and their puppet corporate media has been slowly declining for decades thanks to the efforts of dissidents, researchers and activists, and now for the first time the scales have tipped as trust in the establishment is at a record low.

A shocking 56% of people have expressed their concerns that they are being spied on by the government.

Artmotion, a secure server provider, has interviewed over 2200 people during their recent research into the public’s trust of politicians in the aftermath of the privacy scandals involving the NSA and GCHQ.

Young voters are the most concerned about their privacy, with 62% of those aged 18-24 convinced that their activities are being scrutinised by government spies.

Although trust in politicians is low in the USA following the NSA link to mass surveillance, with 52% of people suspecting the government of spying on them, this is still 4% less than the number of people distrusting the government in the UK. In fact, a survey in the USA by Essential revealed that trust in the media had also dropped since 2014, with trust in ABC and newspapers at a five year low.


Although ABC is the most trusted source of news in the USA with 63% of people expressing their trust in the ABC TV news and 58% trusting ABC Radio, ABC TV still fell 6 points since last November and ABC Radio has dropped 4 points. Nevertheless, national broadcasters are currently holding four out of the five top slots for most trustworthy news sources with SBS rating 61% and ABC Talkback scoring 46%. Local newspapers are currently only convincing 50% of voters that they are truthfully portraying the news.


Daily newspapers are now lagging behind TV in terms of trust, despite the fact that since 2011 they were taking the lead. Newspapers have now dropped 5 points since November with commercial TV dropping only 2 points. This leaves trust in TV marginally ahead with a 1% lead at 46% to 45%. The downward trend is borne out across all other types of media with commercial radio dropping to 44%, news websites falling to 42% and blogs down to 20%. Trust in commercial radio talkback is unsurprisingly the least trusted medium with 22% of people expressing no trust at all, which is even ahead of blogs and commercial TV.

When asked about which types of news people are most interested in, it was found that state and local news attracted the most viewers and listeners, while national politics failed to attract much interest, and ranked even below both the weather and international news.

Rather surprisingly, despite the vast amount of attention paid by the media to celebrities and showbusiness, only 9% of people expressed a lot of interest in this type of information. Who knows, perhaps there are a lot of people who pretend not to be interested in such things but secretly thrive on celebrity gossip.

Although younger people failed to express much interest in international news, older voters found it more engaging, and more men than women wanted to find out more about business and financial news. The weather was found to primarily be of interest to the over 65 age bracket while the under 35s weren’t too bothered about whether tomorrow would bring sun or rain.



  • Pontious Pirate

    Message to the lying shisters ass holes crooks and fraudsters in the establishment and government. Get the fuck off my case! If you don’t you will be pushed off!

  • That would be assuming that there was enough trust to begin with.

  • RJ O’Guillory

    …sad to be the…”leader in trust”…with a 60-65% voting percentage….I’d be embarrassed if I were ABC….not to mention the rest of the paid-for-shills….
    RJ O’Guillory
    Author –
    Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

  • desertspeaks

    What passes for the establishment is rife with psychopaths, sociopaths and known pathological liars! Who in their right mind would ever believe a word they have to say on anything???

  • laughing fool

    Thought provoking article…

    However. I think that the percentage of people who distrust “the establishment” in either the UK or the US is in reality much higher than the poll results might indicate… Simply because many people dislike answering unsolicited polls, in addition to disliking encroachments on their privacy and being lied to by “establishment figures”.

  • Baron Silas Greenback

    I live by a few simple rules the first thing I trust nothing my government tells me.

  • David Mowers

    The N.S.A. knows who I am calling, how long I spoke with them, where they live, who they are, what our relationship is and for good measure has a recording of the call for later searchable programs to discover any state, federal, municipal or ethical violations committed by myself or the counter-party but what they cannot do, what they have never done; stop a single act of terrorism beforehand.

    They know what toilet paper I purchase.

    They can judge by my water usage, internet and phone logs, power usage and psychology what approximate times I was shi__ing on my toilet.

    They can even DNA test my feces to collect samples of my DNA for later possible use.

    Yet they cannot stop a single act of terrorism.

  • PJ London

    Head office in Switzerland, founded by Mateo Meier, Located in Prishtina, Kosovo. Provides secure server services etc.

    Bases “world wide” figures (well US and UK quoted) on a sample of 2200.

    I would really, really trust such excellent research.