We can only dread what Hillary Clinton is hiding from us this time

Credit: Marc Nozell

(Acclaimed News) When it comes to Benghazi, it is clear that there is absolutely no transparency or cooperation from Hillary Clinton. Judicial Watch have requested two emails regarding the attack and its aftermath in a FOIA action, and it has now been revealed that neither have been provided to the House Select Committee, either by the State Department or by Hillary Clinton herself.

Of course, if the media brought to light any revelations that those emails put Hillary Clinton in the chain of authority for the false talking points, her presidential campaign would almost certainly suffer. As we are all well aware, she even used the “YouTube video hoax” with the families of those that lost their lives. Should those emails reveal a discussion about issues with the talking points and an agreement that false claims should be used, there could be a serious backlash that would well and truly change the tide of public opinion when it comes to selecting a presidential candidate. Only the revelation of those emails would prove whether or not that is the case.

Judicial Watch has a lot to say on the matter:

“We now have information about an email that directly ties Hillary Clinton, for the first time, to the now-debunked Benghazi talking points used by then-U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice to claim that the attack was the result of a “spontaneous protest” gone awry.  The Obama State Department fessed up to the existence of this email in a federal court filing.  Showing contempt for transparency, the Obama State Department is refusing to divulge the contents of the email, citing a discretionary “deliberative process” privilege. …

“One of the Sullivan documents is an email chain from September 29, 2012, which discussed the talking points, and was originally included in the 55,000 pages of documents Clinton provided to the State Department.  The initial email was sent to Clinton’s secret email account and to Mills, while the follow-up was sent by Mills to Sullivan and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Strategic Communications Philippe Reines.

“Remember what I said earlier about “persistence”?  Stay with me; this is where the search for the truth runs into considerable opposition.”

The fact remains that, as yet, there has been no full and frank outline of the events surrounding the Benghazi consulate attack, including the failure to prepare for such an occurrence. Congress has a right to request this information to be produced, yet the State Department is still refusing to hand it over.

How much clearer can it be that Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration are trying their hardest to prevent the public from finding out the truth about Libya and their failures?





  • desertspeaks

    Who on earth, with ears that work, doesn’t know by now the HITLERy and Ovomit are known pathological liars and NOTHING they say about ANYTHING can ever be believed!?

    • Acclaimed News

      Well that’s a very valid point.

  • Hp B

    It’s a snuke!!

  • TimeToWakeUpAmerica


    Mena, Arkansas – Guns for Drugs.

    Who NOT to vote for : Goldman Bankers Are Jeb Bush’s Top Backers for White House

    IF he’ll run, my vote is for Jesse Ventura. Both Hitlery and Jeb are in the BANKSTERS’ back-pocket.

    • TimeToWakeUpAmerica

      BTW, when Bill Clinton was Governor of Arkansas, G.H.W. Bush, former CIA Director (1976-1977, during the House Select Committee on Assassinations, re-opening the JFK Assassination, before which both Johnny Roselli AND George de Mohrenschildt were called to testify…something worth investigating if you are not familiar with those two individuals) – G.H.W. Bush was Vice President under Ronald Reagan. Some say it was really a G.H.W. Bush White House during Reagan’s tenure in Office. This was during the 1980’s. GUNS were being flown OUT of Mena, Arkansas Airport, and DRUGS were being flown IN. Ever heard of Barry Seal? What happens to all that drug money? It gets LAUNDERED by the BIG BANKS – you know the ones – the TBTF/TBTJ Banks that gave themselves MASSIVE BAILOUTS in late 2008 – the ones who are FINANCING THE CAMPAIGNS OF BOTH YET ANOTHER CLINTON, AND YET ANOTHER BUSH !!!!!